Dedicated to the heritage and preservation of the Peace Arch and the International Park.

Dear Friend of the International Peace Arch Association:

For the past 97 years, the International Peace Arch has graced our border.   Its presence has been proud of its contribution towards strengthening our community.

As an association dedicated to the history and preservation of the worlds first monument of its kind dedicated to Peace we need your support of our mission.

The International Peace Arch Association receive's no funding from Washington State Parks or British Columbia Parks to support our mission.  

Your partnership with us  directly effects our ability to make a lasting impact preserving this legacy, 

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We have much more work to do and we need your help.  In honor of our 95th anniversary year, we invite you to join our “$97 for 97”  Campaign!  With your generous donation, we can continue to develop and implement programs and initiatives that focus on enriching and inspiring the citizens of the United States  & Canada & the world.


International Sculpture Exhibition

Hands Across the Border - Peace Arch Celebration

Peace Arch Centennial Celebration

Holiday Winter Light Display (pending)

The International Peace Arch Association (IPAA) is a privately funded nonprofit organization dedicated to the heritage and preservation of the International Peace Arch and parks.  TAX ID: 91-166720. The IPAA was formerly known as the United States Canada Peace Anniversary Association (USCPAA). Copyright 1998- 2019  International Peace Arch Association All Rights Reserved.