Dedicated to the heritage and preservation of the Peace Arch and the International Park.

Our Annual Events

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we produce annual events and publications that enhance park visitors experience while  developing a greater awareness, understanding and appreciation for the international parks.

How We Impact the International park

Discover Pass Free Days Washington State Parks offers several "free parking days" when a Discover Pass (parking fee) is not required to visit a state park. Following are 2018 free days:

Jan. 1 — First Day Hikes; New Year’s Day
Jan. 15 — Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
March 19 — State Park’s 104th birthday
April 14th - Spring Day
April 15  — Spring day
April 22 — Earth Day
June 2 — National Trails Day
June 9 — National Get Outdoors Day
June 10th - Fishing Day
Aug. 25 — National Park Service 102nd Birthday
Sept. 22 — National Public Lands Day
Nov. 11 — Veterans Day
Nov. 24 — Autumn day​

Click here to purchase an annual Discover Pass from Washington State Parks. 

The Discover Pass is good for parking at ALL Washington States Parks. Washington State Parks are FREE to visit but you must PAY a FEE to park in their PARKING AREAS. PLEASE NOTE: free days apply only to day use (not overnight stays or rented facilities), 

A Discover Pass will still be required on these days to access lands managed by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Peace Arch State and Provincial Parks are located on the USA Canada Border between Blaine, WA, USA  and Douglas BC, Canada.

Peace Arch State Park - The winner of 5 Trip Adviser Certificates of Excellence!


The International Peace Arch Association (IPAA) is a privately funded nonprofit organization dedicated to the heritage and preservation of the International Peace Arch and parks.  TAX ID: 91-166720. The IPAA was formerly known as the United States Canada Peace Anniversary Association (USCPAA). Copyright 1998- 2018  International Peace Arch Association All Rights Reserved. 

  • Twenty First Peace Arch Park
    International Sculpture Exhibition
    Exhibition May 1st - October 1st, 2018.
  • Hands Across the Border June 10th, 2018
  • Peace Run - June 17th, 2018
  • International Concert Series (Sundays in August) TBA 2018

  • Park Advocacy & Planning - Peace Arch Centennial 2021  

Former Vice President, Larry Manley recalls: "As child I remember growing up in Port Orchard and being allowed to go on a BIG field trip. I was in the fourth grade, and like many others my age had an older brother and uncle involved in the Vietnam war.

The field trip involved meeting a class from B.C. to have lunch and play, discovering that we had similarities with kids our own age from another country. The meeting occurred at Peace Arch Park and with the field trip it was explained about the peaceful relationship these two great nations shared. I can remember It was the first time I understood what Peace is. It had a major impact on me."


Larry Manley,

Former Vice President

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