Dedicated to the heritage and preservation of the Peace Arch and the International Park.


Our Annual Events

There will be a time of reflection and a
Doves at 1PM, under the Peace Arch.

Sculpture Exhibit

Former Vice President, Larry Manley recalls: "As child I remember growing up in Port Orchard and being allowed to go on a BIG field trip. I was in the fourth grade, and like many others my age had an older brother and uncle involved in the Vietnam war. The field trip involved meeting a class from B.C. to have lunch and play, discovering that we had similarities with kids our own age from another country.The meeting occurred at Peace Arch Park and with the field trip it was explained about the peaceful relationship these two great nations shared. I can remember It was the first time I understood what Peace is. It had a major impact on me. I am now 42 and remember it well."


Larry Manley,

Former Vice President


International Park

Since being founded  in 1995,  we have assisted  the park systems in meeting international parks needs. We produce annual events and publications that enhance park visitors experience while  developing a greater awareness, understanding and appreciation for the international parks.

August 30th, 2016


Peace Arch 95th Anniversary Commemorations
Tuesday September 6th, 2016 


LOCATION: Blaine Post Office 701 Harrison Avenue, Blaine WA

9AM- A brief ceremony as the first Limited Edition Postcard is hand cancelled. 

9am – 5pm Commemorative Pictorial Cancellation for the public.

The International Peace Arch will be honored by a 95th Anniversary Postal Pictorial Commemoration Special Cancellation at the Blaine Post Office 701 Harrison Avenue, Blaine, WA. This pictorial cancellation will be available between 9am & 5pm. The limited edition postcard is entitled "A Time to Remember & Reflect" which commemorates this historic anniversary. 

The Peace Arch also received USPS commemorative cancellations on its 75th anniversary in 1996 and the 85th anniversary in 2006. Limited Edition Commemorative Cancelled Postcards will be available by donation. 

The International Peace Arch Association (IPAA) will have the stamps and postcards available at the Post office on September 6th, for the donation of $10 each or all three in the series (75th, 85th & 95th) for $25.

1 PM – Commemoration at the Arch: “Time to Reflect and Remember”, the history of the International Peace Arch and its founders. 

The public is invited to attend a brief informal ceremony at the Peace Arch followed by a symbolic release of Doves. Please join us as we share stories and spend a portion of our day in reflection of the past and honoring the present as we look to the future. This program will begin at 1pm sharp, which is the time the original dedication ceremonies began in 1921.

Anyone who attends either of these 95th Anniversary Commemorative Events dressed in style of the 1920o's will receive a special gift from the International Peace Arch Association. 

Parking in the USA: The Peace Arch State Park is located on Interstate 5 exit #276, Blaine City Center. Take D Street to 2nd Street. Drive north to the park entrance. Discover Pass required to park inside Peace Arch State Park daily daily or $30 annual state park parking fee.

Parking in Canada: The Peace Arch Provincial Park is located 30 miles south of Vancouver, British Columbia on Hwy 99. Parking is available across from Canada Customs. 

International Peace Arch Association (IPAA)
P.O. Box 2564  
Blaine, WA 98231-4564  
Phone (360) 332-7165

How We Impact the

The Nineteenth Annual Peace Arch Park International Sculpture Exhibition will run from May 1st, to October 1st, 2016.  

April 24th, 2016 help us celebrate the 2nd  

                      International Day of Sculpture!

Your are invited to our Peace Arch 95th Anniversary Commemorations

                                                            on Tuesday September 6th, 2016.

Peace Arch State and Provincial Parks are located on the USA Canada Border between Blaine, WA, USA  and Douglas BC, Canada.

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