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Richard E. Clark (1930-2012)
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  • Do you have a family member who participated in the construction or dedication of the Peace Arch?

  • Did you attend a historic event (protest, concert, vigil) in the park?  

  • Do you have special memories of a family gathering, marriage, civic activity, class field trip or a birthday party? 

  • Do you have old photos or other memorabilia to preserve for future generations?

  • Do you have and personal experience or memory you would like to share with us?  
    If so, we want to hear from you!

                                We are collecting Peace Arch memorabilia and oral histories.
                            We will be selecting a few submission for video production in 2020.



Another way to preserve your family’s history is to donate items to the IPAA. Don’t throw away those old items in your garage and attic! or sell them on eBay.


Our collections already include books, manuscripts, photographs, audio-visual materials, artifacts, art, and historical and cultural objects.


The IPAA accepts donations based on our mission statement and established donations policies. Accepted items are stored archivally, preserving them for future generations.


Donated materials are made available to researchers. Click on the link below to register to share your history!



Peace Arch Stories

Remembering my friend Richard Clark by Christina Winkler

Remembering my friend... Peace Arch City Historian. Richard ‘Dick’ Clark (writer, historian) was as complex as the classical music he so loved. His life was a concerto filled with cadenzas and crescendos.

He was a passionate, creative, independent thinker. When it came to understanding the Peace Arch he was a virtuoso ahead of his time. He served his community well as an educator, musician, writer, historian, and personality. We have been blessed to have known him.


For his finale, he has now joined those whose voices from the past HE FOUGHT SO HARD to have remembered.


WE APPLAUD him for his efforts and we promise that we will never forget Richard and what he stood for. Bravo! Job well done.

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