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The International Peace Arch Association (IPAA) is a privately funded nonprofit organization dedicated to the heritage and preservation of the International Peace Arch and parks.  

The Peace Arch was inspired and created to connect nations, people, families, and businesses for good.

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Our vision is to take the occasion of the Peace Arch Centennial and reconnect the international community to the Arch, its history, and its global mission of peace. 

One of the most significant ways to make this connection is through education and awareness programs that include group tours and peace education outreach programs.

We bring together the young and old, friends and strangers, tourists and residents alike, to honor and remember the founders of the International Peace Arch.



The Peace Arch, the only international gateway ever erected in the interest of peace among nations, was constructed on the boundary between Blaine, Washington and Douglas, British Columbia. The Peace Arch was dedicated in 1921 by Washington businessman and philanthropist, Samuel Hill, to celebrate the existing century of peace between two great nation, the United States and Canada. 

In 1995, under the leadership of its Founder & President, Christina Alexander, a group of Americans and Canadians enthusiastically embraced the spirit of the Peace Arch and formed a nonprofit organization, The United States/Canada Peace Anniversary Association (USCPAA), to commemorate the Seventy-fifth Anniversary of the Peace Arch, not only as a celebratory moment for the American and Canadian public to reflect on their shared history, but as an international monument of peace. Since forming the organization has accomplished the following:

The development and production of a historical video titled, "The Peace Arch Rises." Since 1997 “The Peace Arch Rises" has aired worldwide on the History Channel.

The development of an extensive “Portal of Peace” curriculum packet created for educators in both countries. The curriculum examines the Peace Arch and its meaning, as well as the shared history of both nations. It has been distributed free of charge to over 1500 schools. The coordination and staging of "Dedication Days," an annual reenactment and celebration of the September 6, 1921 dedication of the Peace Arch. 

The establishment of the “Peace Arch Park International Sculpture Exhibition.” Now in its twenty-third year, the international fine arts program features outdoor sculptures in the park's magnificent gardens. 

The Association's innovative efforts have been recognized by local, regional, and national agencies, organizations, and individuals, including the International Peace Bureau, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, World Culture Open and former President Bill Clinton, and former Prime Minister Jean Chretien. 

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